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For several years, Jane and I would go to Winslow on the weekend of the twenty-third for their annual model train show. It also coincided with my birthday so we made it a weekend getaway. This one year we got up there on a Friday mid-afternoon and checked into our motel. Later, the wind started picking up and a massive dust storm kicked up west of town in the area called “Tucked Flats”. The ground is miles of loose red clay and visibility turns to zero. DPS shut down I 40 for two days and thousands of motor vehicles and semis took every available spot in town to park and the interstate was backed up for miles. This was the worst dust storm I ever saw.
At art class a couple weeks ago, I didn’t have anything to paint, so one of the art teachers found a flyer with this 1948 Mack truck on the cover. I had it enlarger some and transferred the image to a piece of canvas they gave me. and an idea evolved from that. In other words, I like to paint something that tells a story.

City Service

I like drawing and painting cars and gas stations. It’s hard for me to do people but must learn. Also, it should be humorous.I always liked the name “Cities Service” other than “Citgo”. Were there any nice stations in Calumet? I just finished this today for my art class next Thursday.


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